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Verified Identity for All

VIDA provides a trusted digital identity platform. It empowers individuals and businesses with the ability to effortlessly control their most valuable information – their data and identity – while protecting this private information with the highest standards of security.


We live in an increasingly digital world. Yet our rules of engagement stem from a time when society was analog when people would meet face to face. As we move deeper into the digital space, new challenges surrounding digital identity, privacy, and cybersecurity require new solutions and technologies to enable trust. Trust in the system. Trust in its safety. And trust in each other.
VIDA provides this trusted environment. It empowers individuals with the ability to effortlessly control their most valuable information – their data and identity – while protecting this private information with the highest standards of security.
We are creating a frictionless digital identity system. One that fulfills the needs and expectations of our times, and is available anywhere, for everyone.
Verified ID for All.

Certificate Authority

VIDA is a digital trust provider that issues digital certificates which registered and certified as a Certificate Authority under Indonesia ICT.

Multi-modal Biometrics

VIDA using face recognition to provide secure digital identity verification to optimize and increase customer experience.
Our face recognition technology supported by some key features that make us a technology leader, such as
Facial Recognition Matching
The solution determines whether two images are of the same person with over 99% accuracy.
Liveness Detection
Our Liveness Detection is a service to provide security measures for user verification and prevent spoofing attacks. The service can identify whether the image in front of the camera is a real person or manipulation images. We have 2 types of liveness detection interactive and silent detection.
Face Detection and Tracking
Face detection and tracking can detect face from different angles under different environments, such as face side-profiles, obscured and blurry facial images, low light and backlight scenarios, changes in facial expression, and 360° panorama. It also supports various image and video types, including full-color, black-and-white, and near-infrared images and videos.
Facial Attributes
The facial attribute solution accurately recognizes more than 10 facial attributes such as gender, facial expressions, accessories, beards and facial motions among others. It can be deployed in targeted advertising or consumer analysis to better understand the audience and the customer.

Trusted Execution Environment

VIDA utilizes the strongest mobile protections that are available in the market with a Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) security asset. VIDA TEE is a hardware secured environment based on the root of trust technology to provide :

Secure Processing
to secures sensitive code execution
Secure Input / Output
to secure interaction between users with the services (touchscreen, fingerprint sensor, face recognition)
Secure Data Storage
through hardware unique keys
Device Control
Enables secure remote lifecycle management

VIDA Verified

VIDA Verified is a solution for identity verification with Instant, electronic and non-repudiable Know Your Customer process against national identity database with the highest customer experience, it is not only compared user to an ID but directly compare to national database as legal sources.


A framework enables applications to replace manual paper-based signatures, allowing an identified signer to sign a document digitally. This service provides a more efficient way to sign, send and manage documents. The signer is identified using the eKYC process, and the signature on the document is carried by following a protocol called PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) which using cryptography to secure the transaction and documents.

VIDA Unlock

Provides the latest standard of secure user authentification process with a better experience, more advanced security and higher compatibility in all smartphone devices across Android and iOS devices.

VIDA DAP (Device and App Protection)

VIDA Device Protection

delivers an open Trusted Execution Environment which is already embedded into more than a billion devices.

VIDA Application Protection

A unique mobile security solution that delivers the most secure application protection for any iOS or Android-based mobile device. It boasts a unique combination of software and hardware-based security, which provides optimal protection for mobile apps and associated sensitive data.

PT. Indonesia Digital Identity - VIDA is registered as a Certificate Authority (CA) at Kominfo based on SK Menkominfo No.179 Year 2019