Digital Identity Platform for your digital needs

VIDA provides a digital identity platform across digital channels with the highest standards of security and compliance. Our Digital Identity platforms support end-to-end digital customer lifecycle for any use case.


VIDA Access offers the most advanced secure-user authentication process available, with more advanced security, universal compatibility across Android and iOS devices, and an excellent user experience.


VIDA Sign enables applications to replace manual paper-based signatures, allowing an identified signer to sign a document digitally and securely, simply by unlocking their phone.

VIDA Verify uses face biometric recognition and other user data to instantly verify the user’s identity during online registration and login.

The First WebTrust Accredited Certificate Authority (CA) Company in Indonesia

PT Indonesia Digital Identity (VIDA) becomes the first WebTrust accredited Certificate Authority (CA) company in Indonesia, licensed under the Indonesian Ministry of ICT.

Comprehensive solution for your digital identity needs.

Use our digital identity solutions for your various business needs.

Digital Signature

VIDAsign is a secure and legally binding digital signature with great user experience.

Access Management

VIDApass is a Visitor Management and Access Control network to increase health and security protocols in public places to protect consumers and workforces.

Identity Verification

Verifying the identity of any new potential customer is critical to improve conversation and increase engagement. Protecting your platform from false user information involves building strong identity verification checks

User Onboarding

Great onboarding process experience with the strong verification.


About us

The VIDA team consists of experienced professionals in their fields, passionate about digital identity, data privacy and inclusion.



PT. Indonesia Digital Identity - VIDA is registered as a Certificate Authority (CA) at Kominfo based on SK Menkominfo No.179 Year 2019





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VIDA is the first certified Certificate Authority ...

PT Indonesia Digital Identity (VIDA) becomes the first WebTrust accredited Certificate Authority (CA) company in Indonesia, licensed under ...


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