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Get your business documents and agreements signed with VIDA Sign - A secure and timeless solution by VIDA


Trusted and Certified Digital Signature Also Legally Recognized in 30+ Countries

Bring your remote work experience to the next level. Get your business deals done seamlessly, secure with a legally-binding digital signature. From sales contracts and offer letters to account openings and invoices.

VIDA Sign - a digital signature solution from VIDA helps you to eliminate the physical signing process by digitizing and securing it.



VIDA Digital Signature saves you from the time consuming physical signing and scanning process by digitizing it.



VIDA Digital Signatures are secured and encrypted under different layer of securities also algorithms.


Legally Binding

VIDA Digital Signatures are legally valid and enforceable in many part of the world.

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It doesn't just stop in digital signatures..

Digital Identity Platform for your digital needs

VIDA provides a digital identity platform across digital channels with the highest standards of security and compliance. Our Digital Identity platforms support end-to-end digital customer lifecycle for any use case.

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VIDA Pass is an advanced user authentication process with better security and universal compatibility that helps access digital and physical platforms


VIDA Sign is a digital signature solution that helps you to sign an electronic document or form. It is a fast, secure, and legally recognized solution for your business and personal needs.

VIDA Verify is an  identity verification solution that helps you to authenticate your users and avoid any identity impersonation or fraudulent activities by adding biometric checks.

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VIDA meets national and international security standards, continually maintains certifications and follows  industry best practices to provide secure and excellent service to our customers. We are committed to providing you with a secure and protected experience when you use our products and services.



VIDA applies world-class technology standards that are certified and recognized both locally and internationally.


VIDA solutions have been implemented by leading companies in various industry.

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