VIDAPass is a Visitor Management and Access Control network to increase health and security protocols in public places to protect consumers and workforces.

Visitors to venues or public facilities such as shopping malls where the VIDApass operates will be asked to log into a simple yet e!ective check-in / check-out system that can then be used to track customer movements within the facility.

Employers can leverage VIDAPass to safely reopen the workplace, mitigating health risks by having detailed health, access control, and time and attendance records.

VIDApass can be deployed in any situation where visits by individuals to specific venues or locations need to be logged and tracked.

Secure Access with Flexible Integration

Protect your workforces and assets with a secure access management network without compromising the user experience.

Health Protocol

As a main and basic fuction VIDApass is to handle a contactless Visitor Management, Health Declaration and Capacity Control

Secure Access Integration

Support integration with the attendance system and secure access using one to mane face verification

Visitor Management System

Can be implemented to integrate with the existing system to automate the visitors, guests, or ticketing handling.

Ecosystem Integration

Integration with business membership or user acquisition program to provide a programatic marketing promo.