Make the Switch to Digital Signatures with VIDA - Adobe Trusted Indonesian Partner


Combination of robust authentication and certified technology of VIDA and the most user-friendly digital signature product from Adobe, to boost your business digitally.


Adobe Trust Service Provider (TSP)

Adobe Approved Trust List is a program to enables people to digitally sign documents using Adobe Document Cloud solution using trusted digital Identity provided by the Certificates Authority and Trust Service Provider.

VIDA is Indonesia’s only legally recognized Trust Service Provider (TSP) and the first Southeast Asian member of the Cloud Signature Consortium, an organization committed to driving standardization of highly secure and compliant digital signatures in the Cloud.


VIDA implements the highest certified security in our digital signatures with the world-class standard of security features includes identity verification using face-biometric authentication, non-repudiation, document content integrity, and time-stamping.


VIDA is the certified Certificate Authority by the Indonesian Ministry of Communications and Telecommunications, is also recognized as an eKYC service provider for Bank Indonesia and the Indonesian Financial Service Authority. 


As a trusted digital identity platform VIDA provides a solution that lets you control your most valuable information – your data and identity - effortlessly and with the highest level of security. A secure and simple way to prove who you are – any time, anywhere.

VIDA is the first and only Indonesian certified authority to partner with Adobe to provide legally compliant digital certificates that can be imported into Adobe Sign

Secure Digital

Enjoy access to the latest facial recognition technology linked to the user’s real identity to authenticate users and enable a secure signing process

Seamless Cloud
Based Services

Forget about USB tokens, dongles or secure keys. As an authenticated user, you can sign documents on any device using cloud services linked to VIDA’s own secure identity management process.

Legally Binding

Get your documents signed with Adobe Sign using VIDA Digital Idenity

4 Steps to Get Adobe Sign with VIDA Digital Certificate


1. Choose your Adobe Sign plan

2. Get your VIDA Digital Identity 


3. Download VIDA App to authenticate when signing

4. Ready to sign your digital document with Adobe Sign using VIDA digital identity


Enjoy Access to Secure, Seamless,
and Legally Binding Digital Signatures

VIDA Cloud-based Certificates

Recommended for corporate employees, professionals

50% OFF (IDR 350,000)

IDR 700,000 per user/year

Need to purchase Adobe Sign Signatures

You will get benefits:

Number of User

Single User

Type of Digital Certificate

One-year Certificate

Kominfo-Compliant Certificate

Adobe-Compliant Certificate

Compatible Digital Signature Platform


Certificate Storage


Mobile Platforms


Legally Binding Signatures


Prepaid Payment

Any Add-Ons

USB Token can be opted for

at additional cost*

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