Minimize risk by secured user and partner onboarding

In Consumer Lending, user and mitra onboarding and signing an agreement are the services that need to be prioritized. VIDA can help you with a fast, reliable, higher level of identity verification which is matched against the official data source.


Accelerate the conversion process



Providing an easy, quick, and seamless identity verification solution for consumers.


Authentication of Consumers & Partners

Providing an effective and seamless way to authenticate consumers and partners using biometrics.




Providing an easy, quick, and seamless Know Your Customer (KYC) solution for a partner.


Agreement & Contract  Signing

Simplifying and digitizing the document signing process through digital signatures. Can be provided to executives, employees, consumers, and partners.

Ready for VIDA Solution?


With our advanced and robust technology that is certified and accredited by the global standard, VIDA provides the highest level of security and seamless user experience at the same time.


Reduce Identity Fraud

The identity verification process is the key to grow the business of consumer lending companies. Since the identity fraud issue has a high business risk, the manual identity verification process poses a couple of challenges. VIDA offers a seamless and instant identity verification with easy integration with multi-platforms.


Streamlined Contract Signing

There are multiple contracts in consumer lending that need to be executed by management, employees, consumers, partners, or mitras. Paper-based contracts and manual signing can be time-consuming and expensive. VIDA offers two signing options: (i) VIDA Sign and (ii) VIDA X Adobe Sign as a certified digital signature that will help the company to simplify their document signing process.


Minimize Transaction Fraud

No more social engineering or fraudulent transactions from identity theft. VIDA's solutions help businesses to authenticate users using biometric which is bound with the verified identity.

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