Verify merchants and customers in a simple, easy and fast way

E-commerce has become a pioneer in digital advancement. With the changing consumer behaviour, e-commerce has gained traction in today's digital life. This requires e-commerce service providers to ensure digitization of their processes for both consumers and merchants.


Provide confident and security to your Merchants and Customer

Increase the safety and security for your merchants and customers to perform a secure online transaction


User & Merchant Onboarding

Instant identity verification with higher verification assurance due to data matching against the official data source.


Transaction Authentication

Provide more effective, reliable, cheaper, and secure transaction authentication than the traditional authentication methods.


Upgrade to Verified Merchants

Quick business verification to provide a higher level of trust to consumers to upgrade merchants as Verified Merchant or Seller.


Consent Management for seamless data sharing

Help e-commerce companies to collect, process, share, and archive merchant and customer data to other partners officially in compliance with personal data protection law and regulations.

Ready for VIDA Solution?


With our world-class standard of technology, VIDA provides an easy, strong, and reliable technology with a  new level of security.


Minimize the Risks of Payment Fraud

Along with the development of e-commerce business, identity fraud is also a growing concern and issue. Issues related to fraudulent payments and transactions are on the rise. VIDA Verify provides a robust identity verification with the top-global AI technology to prevent identity fraud with official data reference.


Secure and Seamless Data Sharing

E-commerce companies work with various stakeholders and need to share data of customers and merchants. With the help of VIDA, e-commerce companies in Indonesia can collect customer data and consent while complying with complex data sharing regulations.


Simplify Contract Execution

There are multiple contracts in e-commerce that needs to be executed by management and with partners e.g. merchants, vendors. Paper-based contracts and manual signing can be time-consuming and expensive, VIDA helps e-commerce companies to digitize this business process

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