Improve customer acquisition in the fastest way

E-money is one of the most popular payment methods today. The advancement of the digital world is one of the things that supports this. Identity verification is one of the main factors to drive e-money business growth through faster customer acquisition. The current process have risk of manipulation of identity and high rejection rates in digital identity verification.


Protect your customer data with digital identity solution

Provide safety and security to your customers from fraud and scams.


Upgrade to

Registered Customer

Provide Secure and Instant identity verification with higher verification assurance due to data matching against the official data source.


Authentication of

Consumers & Partners

Provide more effective, reliable, cheaper, and secure transaction authentication than the traditional authentication methods.


Micro Merchants


Quick, cost-effective, and end-to-end automated solution for any micro merchant verification and Improved the authentication experience to provide a higher level of trust to consumers. It also Removes manual verification flow resulting in a lower probability of identity fraud due to biometric check.


Agreement &

Contract  Signing

Fast, simple, secure, and legally binding signature solution with the flexibility of implementation and pricing.

Ready for VIDA Solution?


VIDA product solution has various capabilities provide various use case to help e-money overcome challenge.


Identity verification complies with regulations

VIDA Verify is an identity verification solution that complies with regulatory requirements. VIDA uses biometric and liveness detection technology to verify user and merchant data with the official data references for identity verification.


The seamless user onboarding process

Our solution makes the onboarding process journey more seamless with instant verification, it brings a seamless experience for the user and merchants to upgrade their account. No more waiting time for upgrading the e-money account.


Robust user authentication bind with identity verification

The identity binding authentication avoids social engineering scams from the fraudster to your customer when making transactions. Our authentication solution binds with verified identity biometrics, gives no chances for scammers to commit a fraudulent transaction using customer data.

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