Better convenience for patients and family

Simplify all the paperwork processes to reduce your patient and family burden to finish the process that requires forms, signatures, and other paperwork. Give an easy and great experience for the patients by eliminating the need for queuing and manual administration arrangements.


Provide and automate workflow for necessary approval and consent

Flexible solution to implement an automated workflow administration both for patients and hospitals.


Patient Identity

Verification Flow

Provide an easy, quick and seamless identity verification for patients




Digitizing identity verification, authentication, and digital signing of health certificates integrated into a single flow to make it easier and faster for drive-thru patients.


Smart Access


During the new normal, providing hospitals with a solution to ensure safe access to premises by (a) patients, and (b) employees by monitoring their movements in the facility. Also, providing advanced solutions, such as patient data integration for better management of data digitally.




A solution to provide an official digitally signed health certificate, so that it cannot be manipulated.

Ready for VIDA Solution?


Provides a comfortable interaction with patients anytime anywhere.


Enhance the patient experience

Provide a better patient experience by providing the digital channel to fill the patient form on the device or computer and input the data using VIDA verified identity data.


Increase productivity

Speed up the process of patient onboarding using a verified identity and provide a digital channel consent or signature from patient.


Boost business processes flow

With VIDA’s Signing solution, documents are completed digitally in minutes instead of days just like the current traditional business flows. All the documents and data needed can be collected when the customer signs.


Safely reopening in the new normal

Through Visitor Management and Access Control network to increase health and security protocols in venues or public places to protect consumers and workforces.

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