Verifying the identity of any new potential customer is critical. Protecting your platform from fake customer information involves building strong identity verification checks.


VIDA’s identity verification solution helps your team make better decisions, quicker. Our Identity Verification solution uses a combination of ID recognition, liveness detection and face comparison to provide you with the assurance you need.


Whatever your business, VIDA’s integrated approach to identity verification not only guards against the threat of fake registrations, fraudulent login, identity fraud, and account takeover, but also reduces your business costs and leads to increased efficiency by completely eliminating the need for manual intervention or verification.

For businesses operating in the finance sector, AML (Anti-Money Laundering) compliance can be complex and time consuming, adding friction to any identity verification process. VIDA’s identity verification product suite and processes provide a smooth and seamless customer experience, even when you need to ask them for additional data.

Comprehensive solution to know your users online.

Increase the onboarding rate and reduce fraud from the start with highly accurate verification technology.

Face Comparison

Is the person is same with the registered one in the authoritative database

Liveness Check

Is the person physically present during the verification process?

Authoritative Source

Compare identities with databases from the authoritative source