Digitize your business while complying with regulations with our one-stop solution

One of many challenges faced by P2P Lending companies is engaging with multiple entities for various solutions. Identity and digital signature solutions are provided by different companies, causing multiple integrations and commercial discussions. VIDA helps you to overcome this


Speed-up your engagements with stakeholders

Quick execution of various borrowers and lenders agreements in P2P Lending as mandated by regulation.


Borrower and

Lender Onboarding

Provide an easy, quick, and seamless Identity Verification and digital signature solution for borrowers.


Authentication of

Borrowers & Lenders

Providing an effective and seamless way to authenticate borrowers and lenders using biometrics


Agreement &

Contract  Signing

Simplify and digitize the document signing process through digital signatures. Over and above, borrowers and lenders can be provided to executives, employees, and partners e.g. e-commerce companies.

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VIDA helps P2P lending companies to provide a fast, secure identity verification and simplifies their legally binding agreement process with minimal integration


Instant user onboarding

Customer acquisition is one of the main keys to grow the business. Up to 60% of user registration rejection is caused by the poor quality photo of the KTP card. VIDA provides a fast, easy, and seamless solution for identity verification to increase the success rate of customer onboarding.


Higher identity assurance level

Higher verification assurance level for onboarding lenders and borrower.


Streamlined Contract Signing

There are multiple contracts in consumer lending that needs to be executed by management, employees, consumers, partners. Paper-based contracts and manual signing can be time-consuming and expensive. VIDA offers two signing options: (i) VIDA Sign and (ii) VIDA X Adobe Sign as a certified digital signature that will help the company to simplify their document signing process.

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