A Guide to Working from the Office During a Pandemic

At PPKM Level 3, residents are allowed to have limited face-to-face activities, including to work from the office for employees in essential and critical sectors.

Provisions for the Office Sector Returning to Work in the Office

These sectors are allowed to work from the office according to Governor Decree No.1055 of 2021:

  1. Essential workers up to a maximum of 50 percent of staff, with office administration comprising no more than 25 percent, finance and banking administration services no more than 10 percent, and public services no more than 25 percent of the total;

  2. Critical-sector workers up to a maximum of 100 percent of staff, with office administration comprising no more than 25 percent of the total.

All workers and visitors to the workplace must have received at least one vaccination dose, and must show a vaccination certificate or digital proof of vaccination status.

In addition, the import-export industry, energy sector, logistics, transportation and distribution, food and beverage, fertilizer and petrochemical, cement and building materials, construction, and basic utilities are required to check in and check out when entering and leaving the office. All activities must also be carried out under strict health protocols.

What Companies Need to Do

After employees have been working from home for a long time, there will of course be certain considerations when returning to the office. These include:

  • Explaining the applicable health protocols when working from the office, such as temperature checks upon entry, wearing a mask while working, maintaining social distancing, avoiding eating together and in groups, and washing hands diligently;

  • Making preparations to prevent the spread of infection, such as providing hand sanitizer and masks, ensuring good air circulation in the room, and cleaning the workplace regularly;

  • Implementing vaccine obligations for employees working in the office;

  • Coordinating with the workplace management in making policies regarding employee access, security, and safety arrangements;

  • Limiting the number of employees working in the office to prevent crowding and ensure social distancing while working.

Benefits of an Authentication Platform to Control Employee Access

During the pandemic, it is important for companies to install a digital-identity authentication platform to facilitate management of check-in and check-out. The system can combine both digital and physical access management in order to control and maintain employee safety and security by:

  • Preventing unauthorized persons from accessing certain spaces or areas;

  • Managing employee activities in the office using a digitally based access system that minimizes physical contact, such as the use of biometric verification to detect faces;

  • Managing the employee attendance system so they can keep their distance while in the office.

Access Management with High Level of Security

You can monitor and control employee access using a high level of security using VIDA Pass, an access management solution from VIDA that can be implemented for any physical or digital platform with flexible authentication options.

VIDA implements top-ranking Biometric Verification that has been recognized by NIST. The advanced verification process takes less than 0.5 seconds to obtain the result.

VIDA Pass that can be applied to both digital and physical access systems to achieve cost efficiency, improved security, and an enhanced user experience - all in one solution.

VIDA Pass offers two solutions:

1. VIDA Pass Access Management

This is an easy-to-use digital-access management system to help manage check-in and check-out. It is also easily integrated with multiple digital and physical access management platforms.

2. VIDA Pass MFA

This is an easy way to protect your company's accounts and access by using additional validation sources and providing higher security with a better user experience that can be applied to many use cases.

Learn more about VIDA Pass features and services by contacting us.

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