Digital Signatures as a Legal Solution in the Digital Age

VIDA menggunakan teknologi liveness detection dimana teknologi tersebut memastikan bahwa yang diverifikasi itu valid dan akurat
Digital signature products issued by VIDA have the same legal and binding force as ‘wet’ signatures that apply to physical documents, using electronic certificates as a means of signing digital documents.

The emergence of digital services in Indonesia has gained considerable traction among Indonesians owing to their convenience, in multiple sectors from banking to health. This fact makes digital trust a key deliverable for technology companies to give to consumers.

Many companies are turning to digital signatures to save time and money. They make the process of validating important company documents more flexible, not to mention practical, because they can be accessed anywhere without having to meet.

With the increasing potential for cybercrime in the digital era, digital identity verification is needed to authenticate and protect personal data so that consumers feel safe and comfortable in transacting and using digital services.

Whether or not consumers continue to use the services of a digital company will depend on their confidence in that company, and its ability to help them seize opportunities to attract new consumers and grow their business. Digital identities need to be protected. One way of doing this legally is by using a certified digital signature (CDS).

Characteristics of a Legal Digital Signature

Digital signatures have the same legality as ‘wet’ signatures. This is confirmed in Article 11 of Law Number 11 of 2008 concerning Information and Electronic Transactions, also known as the ITE Law. The following are the characteristics of a legal digital signature.

  • Digital-signature creation data is related only to the signatory.

  • The digital-signature creation data during the digital-signing process is only in the hands of the signer.

  • Any changes to the digital signature that occur after the time of signing can be detected.

  • Any changes to the electronic information related to the digital signature after the time of signing can be detected.

  • There are certain ways to show that the signatory has given his/her consent to the associated electronic information.

  • The digital signature is supported by a digital certificate. A digital certificate acts as proof that the electronic information is correct.

  • There are certain ways that are used to identify the signatory.

  • Electronic Certificates are made by Indonesian Certificate Authority (CA) services registered with the Ministry of Communication and Informatics.

  • Digital signatures must meet the standards set by the government.

About the VIDA Certified Digital Signature

The following are the three main functions of digital signatures:

  1. Authentication: this ensures the authenticity of the document and the identity of the verified signatory;

  2. Document Integrity: this ensures the document remains unchanged;

  3. Non-Repudiation: this ensures the signatory cannot deny having signed the document.

Certified digital signatures are “safe” because they contain encryption features that ensure that signatures cannot be faked. There is a biometric check with activation detection prior to signing to reduce identity fraud.

The digital signature on the VIDA Sign implements a biometric verification protocol to guarantee the identity of the signer so that the signature is authentic and valid. You can verify a digitally signed document to check whether the integrity of the document is maintained or whether it has been tampered with after it was signed.

Digital signature products issued by VIDA have the same legal and binding force as ‘wet’ signatures that apply to physical documents, using electronic certificates as a means of signing digital documents. The use of the VIDA Sign digital signature is regulated in Law 11/2018 and strengthened by PP 71/2019.

VIDA Sign is used to perform digital signatures on electronic documents as regulated in PP 71/2019 concerning Electronic Systems and Transactions. All electronic documents and transactions must be signed with an electronic certificate issued by the CA.

VIDA As Certificate Authority

PT Indonesia Digital Identity (VIDA) as a Certificate Authority (CA) or Certification Authority (CA) registered and under the control of the Ministry of Communication and Information of the Republic of Indonesia, is a trusted body that has the authority to issue electronic certificates for certified digital signatures.

Founded in 2018, VIDA is a digital-identity service provider that utilizes electronic certificates to provide multi-factor authentication, digital signatures, and verified identity services. VIDA applies world-class data security standards, including Public Key Infrastructure, facial recognition (biometrics), and network security as a comprehensive data security solution.

VIDA is also the first Certificate Authority (CA) company in Indonesia to be listed on the Adobe Approved Trust List (AATL). Its digital signature is recognized in more than 40 countries.

As a CA, VIDA provides solutions for you and other related parties in using certified digital signatures to easily and securely sign various digital documents/data.

Certified digital signatures can be a springboard to new business opportunities across many industry sectors. Trust VIDA for all your electronic-document signing needs. Want to know more about VIDA Sign? Contact us today.

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