Here’s How Your Business Can Benefit If You Stop Using Paper

Paper has become an inseparable part of any business. Even agencies and public services use it for purposes such as signing files, licensing letters, and so on. However, did you know that using paper is now increasingly frowned upon? The reasons are various. As well as contributing to the accumulation of piles of documents, it is generally assumed that paper use increases corporate expenses and damages the environment.

There are a number of steps you can take to reduce paper use. One of these is to switch to digital documents with digital signatures. So, what are the compelling reasons why businesses and companies should abandon paper? Check out the reviews in this article.

More Secure

The first benefit that you will experience when your company starts abandoning paper is the guaranteed safety factor. It’s not that using paper for wet signatures isn’t safe; but sometimes the security of it is questionable. Physical documents can be damaged, lost or even destroyed by fire, natural disasters and so on.

If important data is not stored digitally, it will be difficult for you to trace it. This is especially critical for documents containing important signatures. Therefore you need a safe place and maintain your documents in good condition. This costs time and money.

There’s another kind of “security”, too. Document and signature forgery, for example - both of which are illegal. Using conventional signatures on paper comes with a high risk of forgery and misuse of documents and signatures.

This is not the case if you use a digital signature. With a digital signature, you no longer need to worry about security. That is because all data is stored automatically online, so that it will not disappear when a disaster occurs. The encryption feature also makes digital signatures more secure. This is because only those who have access and permission can open it. This makes it difficult to be misused by irresponsible parties.

Thanks to a recent law issued by the government, digital signatures have legality and legality. You will also be safer and more comfortable when making transactions and executing contracts using digital signatures.

Faster Signing Process

Have you ever felt that signing documents on paper is a time-consuming process? Examples include cooperation agreements with prospective clients and managing company and consumer contract letters. If you are still doing it this way, your company risks being considered unprofessional.

Plus, you'll still end up having to rifle through the stacks of important documents before signing. On the other hand, when using a digital signature, you will find it easier to find documents because they are stored using an encryption code. And when you find and open it, simply use the code.

Where signing documents previously took hours to days, using a digital signature is altogether easier. It can be done in less than five minutes. Sounds easy enough, right?

Employee Convenience

As we have seen, using digital signatures and abandoning the use of paper can result in efficient document signing. This also has an impact on employees, as it improves employee performance in achieving company targets. For example, it is easier for employees to get important documents signed without having to wait for the boss to arrive.

These documents can be signed anywhere and any time. This saves time, which can then be used for other more productive things. In addition, by becoming accustomed to using digital signatures, employees will be better prepared to use other technology in the future to support their work.

Easier Management and Communication

Simply imagining all those documents stacked up waiting to be signed can make it even harder to get the job done. Not to mention the need for a good management process to ensure that all documents are signed properly and on time. Not using digital signatures and relying only on paper will complicate your management.

Using digital signatures improves document management. Plus, it can be relied on in an emergency when you need to get a signature fast. All you need to do is open the existing storage media and select the documents to be signed using encryption mode.

Access Documents using your Hand-Held Device

The reason you should abandon paper and switch to digital signatures as well as digital documents is that it makes access easier from your handheld mobile device. Why is that? Because with a digital signature you can do a lot - from signing contract letters to processing payment transactions.

In addition, by using digital signatures and abandoning paper use in the company, it will be easier to monitor and check whether important documents have been signed according to the set schedule. That way, you will not miss important deadlines that are critical for the company to meet.

Providing the Best Service to Customers

Your customers care most of all about getting the best service. Ideally, service should be fast, comfortable, and satisfying. This can be done in many ways - including maintaining important customer documentation, such as in the banking and insurance industries, for example.

Not using physical documents and switching to digital signatures can also increase customer satisfaction. This is because they no longer need to spend time waiting in line just to sign important documents. In addition, paperless digital signatures can also be done anywhere and any time, as long as there is internet access.

That way, customers no longer need to come to the office or company. Obviously, this will benefit them as they can reduce costs as well as save time. This will also enhance your company’s reputation for professionalism and ability to move with the times by providing the best service to consumers. In the long term, customers will be more loyal to your company and recommend it to others - leading to increased profits for you and the company.

Minimal Costs

Whether we realize it or not, reducing paper use as much as possible can have a considerable impact on your company’s expenses. Companies usually have to budget a certain amount for paper procurement, be it for signing contracts, filing documents and so on. This will also impact other costs such as the cost of purchasing ink and so on.

If you don't use paper, these costs can be cut drastically. You can also use the money you save on paper procurement costs to install a safer and cheaper e-signature feature, and set aside something for maintenance costs so that your digital signature roll-out and implementation is maximized.

Environmentally Friendly

The final reason why you should abandon paper and switch to digital signatures is that it is more environmentally friendly. Why is that? Perhaps you feel that the use of a sheet or two of paper has no effect. However, what if a large amount of paper is used and document filing in your office is routine?

Of course it will affect the environment. One ream of paper (500 sheets) requires one tree to be cut down. Imagine if you spent more than that? How many trees would you need to be cut down? Using digital documents and digital signatures reduces paper usage and keeps trees alive, so that they can continue their primary job of maintaining the balance of the ecosystem.

Even now, many companies have started a green movement in doing business. US companies are an example of this. Based on data from the Environmental Paper Network, the United States is experiencing a declining trend in paper use.

More companies are using recycled paper, too. While companies and offices account for more than 20% of paper use in the United States, this is slowly starting to decrease. This method can also reduce the use of printers and copiers, which in turn has an impact on electricity usage.

Where to Begin?

Now that you understand the benefits of not using paper in the business world, you also need to know how to get started. Granted, this is not always easy. However, with a bit of will power, and supported by a conducive environment, it can be done. Here are some things you need to consider:

  • Start with the smallest things. For example, if you are a company leader, at least set an example for employees and subordinates to reduce paper usage. That includes recording important things through digital platforms, digital signatures and so on.

  • Educate your employees as often as possible that massive paper usage is not a good thing. Show them that using a digital platform is no less comfortable than using paper.

  • Show your support by addressing your company’s existing infrastructure, such as ensuring adequate internet access and connecting existing devices to digital signature technology.

  • Educate your customers. Tell them your company is moving towards a paperless office for certain activities, such as by moving transactions and correspondence requirements online.

It turns out that there are various benefits of reducing paper use for companies for business purposes, right? Now, it's over to you! Get your company moving on the road towards a paperless office, by switching to digital signatures for various kinds of filing and documentation purposes.

In choosing a digital signature, make sure the service provider you choose is legally registered and operational with the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology. One such provider is PT Digital Identity Indonesia (VIDA). Apart from being legally registered with the Ministry of Communication and Informatics, VIDA is also used by large companies and agencies, and has a wealth of proven experience in the digital signature space.

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