The Importance of Maintaining E-Commerce Merchant and User Digital Identity Security

Phenomenon and History of Harbolnas

Harbolnas, or National Shopping Day, is held every year. During Harbolnas, e-commerce companies compete to provide discounts to attract customers. What is the history of Harbolnas?

History of Harbolnas

Initially, Harbolnas was initiated by six major e-commerce companies in Indonesia under the auspices of the Indonesian E-commerce Association (IdeA). Harbolnas was first held on December 12th, 2012 (“12-12-12”). The aim was to educate people in Indonesia about the ease of shopping online and encourage them to adopt online shopping.

Harbolnas was inspired by similar events held in other countries such as America, Canada, England, Germany, Japan, and China. America, for example, has Cyber ​​Monday, just after Thanksgiving, when online retailers hold big promotions and offer discounts. Cyber ​​Monday itself was inspired by the online shopping celebration Black Friday, which is held every Friday after Thanksgiving.

Like shopping celebrations in other countries, Harbolnas also enjoys huge income numbers. In 2019, a Nielsen Indonesia survey estimated that total transactions reached Rp 9 trillion.

Shopping Trends During a Pandemic

Nielsen Indonesia's research shows that transactions during Harbolnas 2020 reached IDR 11.6 trillion, an increase of IDR 2.5 trillion, or 27.4%, over the previous year, despite the pandemic.

According to Digital 2021 from Hootsuite and We Are Social, as many as 87.1 percent of internet users in Indonesia purchased various products online through various electronic devices during the last few months in 2020.

Tips for Safe Online Shopping

Online shopping is fun because it is easy and practical, but there are risks such as digital identity theft, which can result in account hacking and digital identity abuse. Keeping your data safe is one of today’s major challenges.

Indonesia scored 0.62 on the Cybersecurity Exposure Index (ICE) survey in 2020. This is higher than the global average of 0.54. Here are some tips for e-commerce merchants and users for maintaining digital identity security.

​Keep your digital identity safe - for e-commerce MERCHANTS

Keep your digital identity safe - for e-commerce USERS

With more and more customer data, always keep your important customer data separate from other information

Don’t share your one-time password (OTP) with anyone

​Make sure your device is protected with antivirus software, firewall, or other security protection applications

​Use passwords that are hard to guess but easy to remember. Don't forget to change your password regularly.

According to Verizon's 2020 Data Breach Investigation Report, 37% of digital identity theft breaches arose as a result of weak passwords. Make sure you, your employees, and your customers apply strong passwords.

​Install multiple layers of security for every account on online shopping sites, such as OTP code and fingerprints

Keep your e-commerce site up to date and use HTTPs hosting which requires an SSL certificate that will protect your business site

​Enable two layers of security. Multi-factor authentication (MFA) could use facial and fingerprint recognition features.

Always back up data and periodically check all plugins that are integrated with business sites and cooperate with official and trusted third parties

​Use VIDA Verify for added security. VIDA Verify provides transaction authentication that is more effective, reliable, cheaper and more secure than traditional authentication methods.

Secure your Identity with VIDA Verify

VIDA Verify protects user identity accounts with the most secure technology on the market. By comparing biometric and demographic data with national databases, VIDA identity verification provides legal assurance of user identity and a high level of assurance.

VIDA Verify Solutions

1. VIDA Identity Verification

VIDA Verify Identity is an identity verification solution that removes the possibility of fake registration, app fraud and identity fraud. Solution integration is easy and flexible to integrate with existing systems using SDK, API and iFrame platform.

2. VIDA Verify Facial Biometrics

VIDA Verify Facial Biometrics is a face verification solution that uses a combination of facial attribution and liveness detection software with more than 99.8% accuracy.

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