Why Certified Digital Signatures Simply Cannot Be Forged

VIDA menggunakan teknologi liveness detection dimana teknologi tersebut memastikan bahwa yang diverifikasi itu valid dan akurat
VIDA provides certified digital-signature solutions to enable easy and secure signing of digital documents and data using VIDA Sign.

Forged signatures have recently become a hot topic in the community. According to applicable laws, forgery of signatures is a crime. Those found guilty can be charged under Article 263 of the Criminal Code, and face up to six years in prison. This issue offers a compelling reason for businesses and the public to switch to certified digital signatures. Moreover, one of the cases of signature forgery this year involved the forgery of ‘wet’, or conventional, signatures.

Why is a certified digital signature safer than a wet signature? Check out the full review below.

Disadvantages of Wet Signatures

Wet signatures, which have been used for centuries, still have weaknesses. Here are some of them.

Require physical encounter

Wet signatures require a physical meeting between the agreed parties and witnesses to take place. Physical meetings can be a problem when not all parties to the agreement are able to attend. They are also risky in crisis situations such as a pandemic or natural disaster.

Prone to be faked

Wet signatures are prone to forgery. Many people see no issue with wet signatures being openly displayed. Unfortunately, publicly displayed signatures are very prone to forgery. That is why the only signatures usually seen on public display are autographs.

Easy to imitate

Wet signatures are easy to imitate. Imitation can lead to fraudulent use by unauthorized parties because there is no mechanism to guarantee the identity of the signatory.

Require physical media

Wet signatures must be in physical form, be it on paper or the like. This creates issues such as printing costs, document storage costs, and the risk of document damage.

Advantages of Certified Digital Signatures

More practical and easy to access

Documents can be signed digitally anytime and anywhere as long as there is access to electronic devices such as computers or cell phones.

No need for physical documents

Digital signatures obviate the need for physical documents.

Save money

Digital signatures are used on digital documents, so there is no longer a need to print the documents. This can save a lot on printing costs. Signatories also no longer need to travel, thereby further reducing associated costs.

Hard to fake

While digital documents are easy to copy, digital signatures are not. This is because digital signatures involve digital certificates for identity verification and data encryption, which ensures that the information relating to the digital signature is valid and cannot be changed. This makes them even more secure.

Multiple-device access

Another reason that makes digital signatures more secure is they can be integrated with many devices. This integration not only makes them convenient but also more accountable and traceable.

As legally binding as wet signatures

With a certified digital signature, the signatory has fulfilled the validity, legal force, and legal consequences of the digital signature as regulated in Article 11 paragraph (1) of Law Number 11 of 2008 concerning Electronic Information and Transactions (UU ITE).

In addition to the ITE Law, certified digital signatures are also regulated in Government Regulation Number 71 of 2019 concerning the Implementation of Electronic Systems and Transactions (PP PSTE) and Minister of Communication and Informatics Regulation Number 11 of 2018 concerning the Implementation of Electronic Certification.

Personal identity security protection guarantee

A privacy policy is provided to ensure that the user's personal data is kept confidential. The use of asymmetric cryptography technology that is made uniquely for each individual means your identity information is also more secure.

Certified Digital-Signature Solution from VIDA

VIDA is a Certificate Authority (CA) in Indonesia that already has high-security features that ensure authenticity, integrity, and undeniability. Validation of electronic documents that use certified digital signatures guarantees their authenticity.

Through access management, identity verification and authentication, and certified digital signatures, VIDA helps business owners protect their users' digital identities.

In carrying out its role as a trusted entity that guarantees the unique ownership of electronic certificates claimed by users, VIDA adopts a strict cybersecurity culture in its process.

VIDA's digital signature technology also meets the powerful security protocol standards of ISO 27001, thus offering the best possible data security services for users.

As a CA, VIDA provides certified digital-signature solutions to enable easy and secure signing of digital documents and data using VIDA Sign.

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