Through the adoption of VIDA secure and trusted data verification and authentication technology, the MSME sector has higher competitiveness for the achievement of the digital economic ecosystem in Indonesia

Jakarta, 7 June 2021 – PT Indonesia Digital Identity (VIDA) collaborates with PT Bhanda Ghara Reksa (Persero) or BGR Logistics to provide technology solution for data verification and authentication of stalls (warung) in the BGR Logistics food stall application. It is part of the 'Shopping at Neighbor Stall' (‘Belanja di Warung Tetangga’) program, initiated by the Ministry of Cooperatives & SMEs. This synergy is part of VIDA support for the Ministry of Cooperatives and Small and Medium Enterprises (Kemenkop UKM) program


The synergy between VIDA and BGR Logistics was marked by the visit of CEO of VIDA Sati Rasuanto, and Tri Wahyundo Hariyatno as Director of Business Development & Information System of BGR Logistics to a food stall partner in Cijantung, East Jakarta. Guidance on the use of VIDA verification and authentication technology on the application was also provided during the visit.


“VIDA provides data verification and authentication technology solutions for traditional warung and micro businesses in the process of registering their businesses at the Warung Pangan application. With the adoption of VIDA technology, the onboarding/registration process has become much faster and easier. This is part of our support for the strengthening and digital transformation of the MSME sector, and is in line with VIDA's commitment to create an increasingly integrated digital identity ecosystem in Indonesia," said Sati Rasuanto, CEO of VIDA.


Traditional warung will register through the 'Warung Pangan' application of BGR Logistics. They will provide some of their identity data, such as the Cooperative Identification Number (NIK), full name, date of birth, and other data as required. After registering, VIDA technology will verify the identity of the warung owner against Dukcapil data. The data verification process is conducted online with high level of security, so that the resulting data is accurate and securely protected.


“The Warung Pangan application is now supported by VIDA as a secure and trusted partner for verification and authentication technology. We are optimistic that the technology solutions provided by VIDA can help maintain data security in transactions carried out by traditional warung owners. It surely increases the competitiveness of the MSME sector in developing their businesses more productively, and survive the pandemic situation,” explained Tri Wahyundo Hariyatno, Director of Business Development & Information Systems of BGR Logistics.


Warung Pangan is an application that provide supplies of food stuffs to MSME sector, including traditional warung and stores, at competitive prices. By using the application, the seller can buy inventories and supplies at lower prices in more practical way. 

“As a company that focuses on data security, all transactions involving digital identities must be carried out with high standards of security and integrity. With sophisticated technology, the best security systems, and the ability to identify and verify the identity of MSME playesr, VIDA is designed to support the digital economy in Indonesia for the better. We hope that this strategic collaboration can contribute to the national economic recovery (PEN) for the MSME sector in Indonesia," concluded Sati.

To date, there are 28,215 MSMEs or warung in greater area of Jakarta, Bandung, Solo, Surabaya, Semarang, Jogja, and Bangka Belitung have registered as food stall partners. By 2021, the number is targeted to reach 60,000 MSMEs in Java and Bangka Belitung.




About VIDA - PT Indonesia Digital Identity


PT Indonesia Digital Identity (VIDA) is a licensed Certificate Authority (CA) under the Indonesian Ministry of ICT, authorized to issue digital certificates that can be applied for digital signatures and web authentication. Established in 2018, VIDA is a digital identity network leveraging multi-factor authentication, digital signatures, and verified identities. VIDA applies world-class data security standards, including Public Key Infrastructure, facial recognition, and endpoint security to provide comprehensive cyber security solutions. 

VIDA is also listed as a Digital Financial Innovation (Inovasi Keuangan Digital/IKD) registered with the OJK. The products and solutions offered by VIDA can be adopted by various sectors and industries, including the financial services industry to make it easier to verify direct customers. VIDA also believes in instilling digital trust among its users and by virtue, thus, the company has been registered under the OJK and BI regulatory sandbox. 

VIDA also applies world-class technology standards that are certified and recognized internationally. The company became the first WebTrust accredited Certificate Authority (CA) company in Indonesia, and also is ISO 27001 certified. 

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