Boost customer's confidence in services through higher level of assurance for driver onboarding

Provide a better and more trusted verification process for drivers to avoid dependence on their input data by digitally verifying data against official data source. This provides higher level of trust to consumers to use the platform.


Speed-up your engagements with stakeholders



Providing an easy, quick and seamless Identity verification solution for drivers



Provide a reliable and cost-effective solution to authenticate transaction to reduce fakes transaction from scammers.



Providing an effective and seamless way to authenticate drivers using biometrics

Agreement and

Contract Signing

Simplifying and digitizing document signing process through digital signatures. Can be provided to executives, employees, drivers and partners, such as, delivery partners and insurance companies

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Provide a safe and secure environment both for customer or driver to keep their identity safe and secure.


Reduce Social Engineering fraud

With a biometric verification it will eliminate any fraud transaction, since the transaction can only be authenticated by the eligible users.


Instant Onboarding Process

Speed up the process of driver and user onboarding using a verified identity. Remove manual verification flow and provide a higher level of assurance due to data matching against official legal data source.


Boost business processes flow

Several agreements and contracts in ride-hailing needs to be executed by management and with employees, drivers, partners e.g. delivery partners, insurance companies, etc. VIDA's signing solutions helps to replace paper-based contracts and manual signing, which can be time-consuming and expensive.


Streamline the process

Gives customers a seamless experience to easily sign the documents anytime and anywhere

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