Onboarding needs to be fast, secure, and seamless. A poor onboarding experience can result in the loss of potential customers. A smooth onboarding experience not only mitigates this, but also minimizes the opportunity for identity fraud.


VIDA uses a combination of advanced digital identity verification and biometric screening to ensure that customers are onboarded with the least possible friction - no matter where in the world they are or what script or language they are using.


Choose from VIDA’s range of technical solutions to create the onboarding experience that is right for your company and your customers.

Online Identity Verification for the Onboarding process

VIDA User onboarding solution powered by the best technology in biometric verification and refers to authoritative source databases.

Flexible Integration

With multi option integration, VIDA will help your onboarding process with a seamless process.

Accurate Verification

Supported by top-level technology in the world, and data from authoritative sources will provide a global level of accuracy

Instant Process

With Our top global technology VIDA we deliver an instant process without compromising security