High level of security with simple access management 

VIDAaccess offers the most advanced secure-user authentication process available, with more advanced security, universal compatibility across Android and iOS devices, and an excellent user experience.

Control and monitor access to your assets and workforces securely.

VIDAaccess is a visitor and secure access control network with high-security standards without compromising the user experience.


VIDA MFA is an easy way to use multi-factor authentication to protects your company account and access by using other sources of validations and provides higher security with a better user experience which applies to many use cases.


Login Verification

Protect and secure your login without compromising the user experiences.


2 Factor Authentication

A frictionless secure access with various options for two-factor authentication (2FA) methods


Fraud Detection

Reduce online fraudlent process with extra layer of authentication

Access Management

VIDA access management is a digital access system that helps you to manage your check in and check out access with a high level of security with great experiences.



VIDApass is designed to serve access management that requires speed to manage visitors.



VIDApass can be easily deployed in any situation where visits by individuals to specific venues or locations need to be logged and tracked.



VIDAPass is a Visitor Management and Access Control network to increase health and security protocols in public places to protect.