High level of security with simple access management

VIDA Pass offers the most advanced secure-user authentication process for both platforms and premises, with universal compatibility across Android and iOS devices.


Control and monitor access to your assets and workforces securely

VIDA Pass is a visitor and secure access control network with high-security standards and a seamless user experience

VIDA Pass is an access management solution from VIDA, to physical or digital platforms with a flexible option of authentication.


VIDA Pass Access Management

VIDA Access Management is a digital access management system to help manage the premise check-in and check-out with an easy and intuitive experience for the user. Our access management system is easy to integrate with multi-platform both digital and physical access management.



VIDA Pass can provide businesses with a visitor access management requiring speed. Our authentication process takes less than 0.5 seconds to verify the registered visitor.



VIDA Pass is easy to deploy on multi-platforms: be it physical or digital. The implementation also has flexibility to integrate with wide range of systems businesses have.



Our access management has the flexibility to implement visitor management and access control with health and security protocols to increase the safety.



VIDA Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is an easy way to protect your company account and access by using additional sources of validations and providing higher security with a better user experience which applies to many use cases.


Login Verification

Protect and secure your login without compromising the user experiences.


Two-Factor Authentication

Frictionless access with various options for two-factor authentication (2FA) methods.


Fraud Detection

Reduce online fraudulent process with an extra layer of authentication.

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Your Business

VIDA Pass helps you to ensure that access is only given to the right and authorized user.


Enable Digital

Biometric check with liveness detection before signing to mitigate identity fraud.


Health Protocol

Helps you to implement health protocols quickly and precisely to comply with regulations.

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Questions about VIDA Pass

What is VIDA Pass?

VIDA Pass is an access management solution from VIDA, which have a broad use case of implementation to serve both digital or physical platform. 

Is the data used for the VIDA pass stored securely?

VIDA implements international standard of security and VIDA is ISO 27001 and Webtrust certified.
VIDA also implements biometric authentication in the process of using electronic certificates, thus avoiding unauthorized use.

What makes a VIDA Pass worth to implement?

With VIDA Pass you can leverage biometric as a single model for authentication and authorization across all your Infrastructure services.

How reliable is the biometrics applied by VIDA Pass for authentication and authorization?

VIDA applies the top ranked Biometric Verification that has been recognized by NIST. The advance verification process implemented by VIDA only takes less than 0.5 seconds to get the results.

What is the importance of implementing a VIDA Pass?

VIDA Pass which can be applied for digital and physical access to achieve various goals such as cost efficiency, improved user experience, and increased security in one solution.

What can be achieved for a physical VIDA Pass implementation?

For physical access implementation, VIDA Pass helps to automate access and implementation of health protocols and get reports online to help you monitor and manage building occupancy in real-time.

What can be achieved for digital implementation of VIDA Pass?

VIDA Pass can replace a traditional authentication model to reduce cost and fraud at the same time with the stronger authentication model.

How will the VIDA Pass solution benefit you?

VIDA Pass as a Identity and access management offers various security solutions including Single Sign-On (SSO), profile management, Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA).

How to implement or integrate the VIDA Pass solution?

VIDA Pass has various integration models that can be tailored to the needs of service providers including SDK, API and web solutions.
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