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VIDA Sign is a digital signature solution that simplifies and digitizes document signing process. It replaces the handwritten or wet signatures and eliminates additional costs of printing and sending paper documents. It verifies the identity of the signer, preserves the integrity of documents and provides a seamless digital experience


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VIDA Sign simplifies manual paper-based or wet signatures, allowing an identified signer to sign a document digitally and secure, simply by unlocking their phone.


VIDA Sign App

VIDA Sign App is a Digital Signature application that can provide you a flexibility to sign the document anytime, anywhere.


Authenticated Signature

The signatures made using VIDA Sign are secured with user biometric authentication.


Document Validation

You can verify a digitally signed document to check if the integrity of the document is preserved or tampered with after the signature is provided.


Digital Certificate

A certificate-based identity with necessary information of the VIDA Sign user and complies with the strictest legal requirements.


VIDA Sign Token

VIDA Sign Token is a password-protected USB Token with personal identity stored in a digital certificate form.


Highest Security

VIDA Token Signing is the highest secure digital signing because it requires both a password and an encrypted USB token.


Legally Binding

When you sign documents with VIDA Token Signing, the signing is comply with the Indonesian Law.


Sign All Document

VIDA Token Sign can be used to sign all types of documents, such as Loan Agreement, Business Agreement, Personal Contract, and others.

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VIDA Sign - a digital signature solution from VIDA, helps you to eliminate manual processes to accelerate your business deals by digitizing processes as well as securing processes.


Simple & Inexpensive

Easy and simple to use this digital signature solution will help clients to digitize agreements and save costs



Biometric check with liveness detection before signing to mitigate identity fraud


Flexibility of Choices

Offers various solutions and pricing to suit different needs of the clients

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Questions about VIDA Sign

What is VIDA Sign?

VIDA Sign is an electronic signature product issued by VIDA, where this signature has the same legal strength and binding as a wet signature that applies to physical documents, using electronic certificates as a tool to sign digital documents. 

Does the VIDA Sign have legal force?

The legal power of electronic signatures is regulated in Law 11/2018 and strengthened by PP 71/2019, an electronic signature issued and implemented by PSrE which is certified by the state (in this case Kominfo) as having legal force before the law in force in the Republic of Indonesia.

What are the uses of VIDA Sign?

VIDA Sign is used to perform electronic signatures on electronic documents as stipulated in PP 71/2019 concerning Electronic Systems and Transactions. All documents and electronic transactions must be signed with an electronic certificate issued by PSrE.

How do I use an Electronic Signature (VIDA Sign)?

Open the Vida Sign app.
1. Tap on SIGN & SHARE
2. Browse the file
3. Tap on the section of the page
4. Select the signature option
5. Tap "Sign"
6. Tap Yes
7. Complete the liveness verification.
8. The document is signed.

Why should use digital signatures VIDA Sign?

A digital signature has three main functions:
1. Authentication - Authentication - ensure the identity of the signer
2. Integrity - Document Integrity - ensures documents remain unchanged
3. Non-repudiation - the signer can't deny the signed document.

What is the VIDA Sign App?

VIDA Sign app is an electronic signature application issued by VIDA, to make it easy for customers to be able to do electronic signature safely and comfortably.

What files can be signed by VIDA Sign App?

For now, the files that can be signed by VIDA Sign App are PDF files, while other file forms are currently under our development.

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