Instant Online Identity Verification

Traditional identity verification using less sophisticated technology can lead to spoofing attacks, while low-resolution photos produced by customer devices with limited technical capabilities can hamper the onboarding process.


VIDA Verify uses face biometric recognition and other user data to instantly verify the user’s identity during online registration and login. This is instantly compared with user data recorded in the civil registration department (dukcapil). Following instant verification, users receive an electronic certificate – their recognized digital identity.


VIDA Verify protects the user’s account and identity using the strongest mobile security in the market, resulting in an excellent user experience across all devices. With world-class FIDO-compliant software embedded in the mobile device, the user’s device becomes their security key.

Verify Identity Securely without compromising the User Experience

Instant identity verification to know your customer identity to eliminate risk and online frauds.

Identity Verification

VIDA identity verification eradicates any possibility of fake registration, application fraud and identity fraud. Verified identities can be easily integrated into your existing SDK, API and iFrame platforms. By comparing biometric and demographic data with the national database, VIDA verification provides a legal guarantee of the user’s identity.


Prevent Fraud up to 90%

Establish the genuine identity of your users ond prevent identity fraud. 


Legal Identity Check

Verify identity based on official reference and legal source of identity database, in real time


Increase Conversion Rate up to 60%

Boost customer onboarding process with instant process for identity verification

Face Verification

VIDA Face Verification uses a combination of facial attribution software and liveness detection to determine with over 99.8% accuracy whether two facial images - the one in the reference database and the one looking into the camera - are of the same person. This completely eliminates the need for passwords or multiple-step user input.


Silent Liveness Detection

To ensure the integrity of user face biometrics to prevent identity fraud.


Anti Spoofing Technology

With a strong deep learning AI technology to prevent hacking with pictures, videos and masks. 


Diversified Solutions

Easy integration suitable for most platforms and hardware modules.