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identity verification

VIDA Verify protects the user’s identity account with the most secured technology in the market. By comparing biometric and demographic data with the national database, VIDA identity verification provides a legal guarantee of the user’s identity and a high level of assurance.


Verify Identity Securely without compromising on the user experience

Eliminate risk and identity fraud with our identity verification solution to know your customer identity

Instant identity verification to know your customer identity, also to eliminate risk and online frauds


VIDA Verify Identity

VIDA Verify Identity is a identity verification solution that eradicates any possibility of fake registration, application fraud, and identity fraud. The solution integration is easy and flexible to integrate with the existing current system using SDK, API, and iFrame platform.


Biometric Checking

Our solution compares user’s biometric and demographic data against the official source database.


Instant Verification

Our technology allow our business clients to provide instant onboarding for their customers.


Liveness detection

Boosts customer onboarding process with instant result for identity verification.


VIDA Verify Facial Biometrics

VIDA Verify Facial Biometrics is a  face verification solution that uses a combination of facial attribution software and liveness detection to determine with over 99.8% accuracy whether two facial images - the one in the reference database and the one looking into the camera - are of the same person. This eliminates the need for passwords or multiple-step user input.


Silent Liveness Detection

To ensure the integrity of user face biometrics to prevent identity fraud.


Anti-Spoofing Technology

Uses strong deep learning AI technology to prevent the scammers from using pictures, videos, and masks to fake the identity.


Diversified Solutions

Easy integration suitable for most platforms and hardware modules.

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Our Promise

With a secure and legal identity database, enhance your customer experience with an instant and secure identity verification.


Prevent Fraud
up to 90%

Establish the genuine identities of the users to prevent online identity fraud.


Legal Identity


Verify identity-based on official reference and legal source of identity database, in real-time.


Minimize User Onboarding Cost

VIDA Verify helps to minimize user onboarding costs with our instant digital bank-grade identity verification solution.

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Questions about VIDA Verify

What is VIDA Verify

VIDA Verify is a solution from VIDA to perform digital identity verification to help service providers verify their customers with a high level of security and increase user comfort.

Does VIDA Verify use secure technology

VIDA implements and certified by local regulators like the Ministry of Communication and Telecommunications, Bank Indonesia, and the OJK as an identity verification service provider.
Apart from being certified locally, VIDA has also been certified with ISO 27001 for data security management and is the only PSrE in Indonesia that is certified by Webtrust as a globally recognized internet security standard guarantee.

What technology does VIDA use to verify identity?

VIDA uses several technologies and AI to perform identity verification, the main ones are using Biometric Verification and Liveness Detection.

What is VIDA's reference data for data verification?

We use several legal sources to verify our identity as reference data.

Does VIDA store customer biometric data?

VIDA will store the customer's biometric data with the permission and consent of the customer which will be used only for verification needs required by the customer and service provider.

What are the identity verification solutions that VIDA can use?

VIDA Verify can be applied in various use-cases and scenarios required by service providers.
For details please contact us via

How to implement or integrate the VIDA Verify solution?

VIDA Verify has various integration models that can be tailored to the needs of service providers including SDK, API and web solutions.
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