Accelerate Your Business Deals with Digital Signatures.

Easily complete business deals with your users and partners in a trusted and secure online environment.

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Sign Your Documents with Legally Binding Digital Signatures, Anytime, Anywhere

VIDA Digital Signature is Indonesia's first and only digital signature solution that is recognized in more than 40 countries.


Biometric Based Authentication

Sign your document is as easy as taking a selfie.



Prevent the use of your digital identity from unauthorized users.


Instant Identity Verification

VIDA uses a cutting edge identity verification technology for a quick signing process.



VIDA digital signature can be implemented multi-platform including Android, iOS and web-based.


On-Device Biometric Template

User biometric is encrypted and stored on own device to provide an instant and reliable authentication process.



VIDA digital signature is the first WebTrust certified digital signature solution from Indonesia for internet data security.

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Close Your Deal with Ease and Security

Sign your Document Everywhere

Automate and boost the authentication process using AI Biometric.

Account Takeover Protection

Add a layer of security to protect against account takeover as simply as taking a selfie.

Reduce Unnecessary Cost

Locally stored biometric data will reduce and remove sms-based authentication.

Secure and Compliant

Automate and speed up authentication in single screen with instant response.

Streamlined User Experience

Intuitive, simple and user friendly features.

Stronger Authentication

Biometric authentication based on verified identity delivers a higher level of identity assurance.

VIDA is the first digital signature provider (Certificate Authority) recognized by the global community and the top leader in digital signatures as a trusted service provider.

Adobe Approved Trust List (AATL)

VIDA listed in AATL as Trusted Service Provider that allows users to create a trusted digital signature whenever the signed document is opened by Adobe Acrobrat Reader.

Trust Service

VIDA listed as Trusted Service Provider in DocuSign, allowing Docusign signatures to be recognized and legally binding in Indonesia.

Trust Service

VIDA listed as Trusted Service Provider in emSigner, allowing emSigner signatures to be recognized and legally binding in Indonesia.

Use Case Implementation


Banking & Financial Services 

Account Opening

Automate and streamline online account opening process using digital signature.


Digital Lending Agreement

Speed up loan approval and disbursement by providing a fast and seamless signing process for loan agreement.


Contract Management

Boost the submit, review, and edit processes using digital signature to reduce cost and processing time, and improve user experience.


Healthcare & Insurance

Insurance Claim and Submission

Increase customer experience with paperless process that can be directly submitted to insurance partner.


Doctor Prescription and Health Certificate

Guarantee of authenticity for doctor prescription and health certificate.


Patient Onbording and Enrollment

Digitize the enrollment process to streamline onboarding workflows and provide secure and simple processes for patients.


Ecommerce &
Tech Company

Seller & Merchant Onboarding

Speed up the seller onboarding process with a  fully  digital onboarding experience.


Team Productivity

Digital signature allows collaboration among the team by keeping the workflow uninterrupted.


Minimize Data Loss

Secure  customers data and business with VIDA digital signature encryption, authentication and Audit trail.

Discuss your business needs with our experts and learn how our solution can simplify your customer's digital life.