What is PSrE?

PSrE is a legal entity that functions as a trusted party that provides and audits Electronic Certificates.

What is VIDA?

VIDA is an Electronic Certificate Operator (PSrE – Certificate Authority / CA) registered and recognized by the state in this case the Ministry of Telecommunications and Information Technology. That is an institution has the right to issue a digital identity in the form of an Electronic Certificate.

What is an electronic certificate?

Electronic Certificates are electronic data sets that contain Electronic Signatures and identities that show the legal subject status of the parties in Electronic Transactions issued by Electronic Certification Providers

How to use VIDA Electronic Certificate?

VIDA Electronic Certificate is a certificate that binds the identity of a person or organization that is used to verify the identity of the transaction in this case is a digital document signing.

How do I get an electronic certificate from VIDA?

Digital Certificates by VIDA will be issued after registration and verify your identity, which will be carried out by VIDA as an Electronic Certificate Operator (PSrE).

Does the electronic certificate expire?

Electronic certificates have a validity period of 1 year, the digital certificates must be renewed after 1 year.


What happens when the electronic certificate has expired?

If the electronic certificate validity period has expired, it cannot be used for signing electronic documents.

How do I renew an electronic certificate?

VIDA as CA will provide information and reminders to the customer when the customer's certificate will expire and also the following for how to renew the electronic certificate.

What is a Registration Authority (RA)?

Registration Authority is the authority (may be represented by the personnel or the company) as Electronic perwakikan Operator Certificate (PSrE) which verifies the electronic certificate issuance request.

Are digital signatures and certificates issued by VIDA legally binding?

Yes, certificates issued by VIDA are legal force certificates, in accordance with SK Number 179 of 2019, issued by the Ministry of Communication and Information. VIDA is a registered legal entity and has the right to issue digital signatures.

How do I use an electronic certificate issued by VIDA?

Electronic Certificate issued by VIDA can be used to perform electronic signature of a document using an application or mengunkan VIDA Sign Token.

Can I unsubscribe from VIDA certificates, and how?

Currenty, VIDA issue certificates with a validity period of 1 year. If you want to stop usingthe customer can revoke the certificate through VIDA application.

How does an electronic certificate issued to an individual differ from a certificate for an organization?

VIDA implements international standard of security and VIDA is ISO 27001 and Webtrust certified.
VIDA also implements biometric authentication in the process of using electronic certificates, thus avoiding unauthorized use.

What are the current VIDA products and solutions?

The products and solutions offered by VIDA now are Identity Verification and Digital Signatures

What is Identity Verification?

Identity Verification by VIDA is the process of validating someone’s identity based on data recorded in dukcapil using biometric verification, in this case Face Recognition. From the results of this verification, VIDA will issue an electronic certificate as a recognized digital identity.

What is Authentication in a digital signature?

Authentication is the process to ensures the authenticity of the identity of the signer of a document or message. VIDA As PSrE implement a variety of security systems and world-class identity verification such as verification advance to perform the authentication process in the implementation of Digital Signature

What is Integrity in a digital signature?

Integrity is the guarantee of a document are the advantages of a digital signature provided by VIDA. This function is to ensure the integrity of the message or document has not been changed or altered during the transmission process from sender to receiver.

What is a non-repudiation in a Digital Signature?

Digital Signature provided by VIDA, ensure the identity and the integrity of a document, this function makes the signer of the document or data that has signed using a digital signature service cannot deny by all parties, known as non-repudiation.

What is an electronic signature?

Electronic Signature is a signature consisting of Electronic Information that is attached, linked, or related to other Electronic Information that is used as a verification and authentication tool.



What is the integration method with VIDA?

For the integration method with VIDA we are available in 2 methods, Web Application Integration and SDK Integration

Can you use API?

We do not provide an API integration method because we have to ensure that the KYC and Signing process must be carried out and occur in the VIDA environment

VIDA Already uses Face Recognition technology?

In the process of identity verification, VIDA applies 2 technologies. Face Recognition: to verify matching faces taken during selfies with data on Dukcapil. Liveness Detection: to recognize that those who take selfies really are like humans rather than using masks, dolls, 3D masks etc

How good is VIDA's Face Recognition technology?

VIDA uses one of the best facial recognition technologies in the world, which is included in the top 3 AI for face recognition by NIST. Our face recognition accuracy is 99.8%